• Not so long ago, there was a mysterious event in the north of Russia. Strange cracks appeared in the ground over a large area. All people and animals from cities and towns disappeared. The territory was quickly blocked and began to study.

    Because of the red-yellow glow from the depths of the rifts, someone equated it with the coming of the devil. Then the walking dead appeared. And there were rumors that from the underworld came the one who makes the dead rise.

    Now everyone is trying to figure out who or what Dead Maker is.
  • The world community has obtained from Russia permission to enter the forbidden territory. Foreign observers, international scientific groups, military intelligence of different countries began to study a dangerous area, whose unexplored phenomena could threaten the whole world. Russia allowed this in order to relieve itself of the blame for what is happening.
    The ideas of judgment day and the coming of the devil were quickly rejected. But the mysterious events did not decrease.

    It is not known exactly where all the people disappeared at once. The assumption that people jumped into cracks in the ground has not been proven or refuted. Another truth has been revealed. That people began to return, but in the form of living corpses. More terrible was the appearance of ugly monsters that came at night. Scientists do not yet know where they all came from and associate this with a viral or biological infection.

    More questions are caused by multiple distortions of matter scattered throughout the forbidden territory. Many of them defy the laws of physics. And as studies have shown, for the most part, they are very deadly.

    Thousands of people have died trying to unravel the mysteries of this area.
  • An incredible number of abandoned houses and their untouched contents encouraged even honest people to become marauders. Savings, valuables, expensive electronics, everything was plundered. Theft was forbidden by law, but the police and the military engaged in robbery. Criminals, adventurers and desperate people began to make their way into the forbidden area for the sake of profit.

    At first, loners climbed under pain of death or arrest. Then there were enterprising guides. Safe places and paths were organized. Entire groups began to be led into the dangerous area. There were so many violators that the military and police began to exterminate them on the spot. Under the threat of physical violence, the flow of violators subsided.

    Having plundered most of the forbidden territory, it turned out that things with amazing properties appear there. It could be something shapeless or a simple tube of cream. The main feature is that they hovered above the surface. The scientists named them Levitators. Selling a simple levitator over perimeter can bring good money. And then it turned out that the ugliest and shapeless levitators can heal or be a weapon. And owning one is the way to wealth. Now it is clearly clear that the violation of the boundaries of the forbidden area will never stop.
  • 1. Game in development
    2. Early access Summer 2022

    3. Genre: Tactical MMO game
    4. Inspired: METRO2033/S.T.A.L.K.E.R/SCP
    5. Graphics: Pixel Art
    6. Universe: Mysterious forbidden territory
    7. Gameplay: Wander to find interesting places and events on the map. Fight monsters and people in the combat window
    8. Goals: Go the furthest, explore the most, become rich, create a clan and control everything around.
    9. Attention: Members of your squad will often die
  • Launcher for Windows - soon...
    APK for Android - soon...
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